Google Home is very popular right now as the only smart speaker available in Australia. At $199 it’s pretty decent value, but at $159 it’s much better, and that’s how much you can get it for from Kogan.

The deal includes free delivery which saves you another $10-20 or so depending on where you need it delivered to. The Kogan Google Home from Kogan is a grey import, so you need an AU/NZ power adapter, but that comes included in the box. Kogan gives you a 1-year warranty on the Google Home, with options to up that to 3 or 5 years for an additional cost.

Powered by Google Assistant Google Home can of course control most smart home devices available here such as smart switches and lights. You can also ask it questions like “Will it rain today” before you take that washing out to the line.

If you’ve been on the fence about buying a Google Home, this is a pretty good deal. Head over to Kogan website and check it out now while the deal lasts.

Source: Kogan.
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    I’ve only bought a SIM card & phone voucher (voucher via email) from Kogan so my purchase experience with them is limited but it was an extremely crappy experience. It took three weeks for the first SIM card to arrive and I complained so many times I ended up with three of them. The initial customer service person’s response was “we are cheap so just wait for it to arrive”. Would never touch Kogan again, the electronics prices are only cheap because it is inferior (seconds, refurbished, no mfr warranty in Oz) stock from overseas and most other stuff is… Read more »

    Mayur Sanitation

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    Markus Luethi

    Or get it here for $129 …


    Could have bought my Google WiFi for $439 from Kigan. Decided to spend the full RRP to ensure I get Australian warranty. Purchased from Officeworks. Is Google Home from Kogan worth the risk?


    Shipped from HK and not australian stock so only Kogan warranty.