Australian Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) OVO has today announced a new plan aimed at helping those with a poor broadband experience. The new plan offers 100GB of data for $100 per month on a 4G connection.

As with all OVO data-only plans, this new 100GB plan does not come with lock-in contracts, automatic top-ups or excess usage fees.

Powered by the Optus 4G Plus network, OVO offers a pretty decent option for users wanting to improve their broadband connection. There will of course be users in areas who aren’t suited, but OVO has setup a free geo-based speed test to check on the viability of switching to wireless broadband at

OVO CEO, Matt Jones said of the new plans:

Up to now, the two things that were preventing mobile broadband being an attractive alternative to fixed were price and data allowances. With the introduction of our 100GB prepaid mobile data plan for $100 per 30 days, we’ve eliminated both of those problems.

The OVO data-only plan includes access to OVO’s bonus content OVOPlay which is exclusive content on a range of sports including World Superbikes, Gymnastics, Water Polo and 400 Thunder Drag Racing.

When you sign up, you also have the option to purchase a device to run your new 4G broadband SIM card in.

It’s a fairly competitive offer, especially for those in a good reception area with Optus. If you’re interested, head over to OVO Mobile and check it out now.

Source: OVO Mobile.
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    Tried your link “” and keep getting “Bad Request – Invalid Hostname”


    Try remove the extra period at the end of the URL when you clicked the link. They typed it as instead of