In this edition of the Humble Mobile Bundle, France is getting a focus with nine games from French developers are being made available for next to nothing.

There’s three tiers as usual, if you pay $1USD or more you can get Mechanic Escape, Pang Adventures and unWorded. If you want some more and pay more than the average which sits at $4.75USD currently, you’ll get Out There: Ω Edition, Sanitarium and OK Golf. Finally, if you pay $5USD or more you’ll get Gobliiins Trilogy, A Normal Lost Phone and Dungeon Rushers.

As usual you can pay through PayPal, Amazon Payments or with Credit Card. You can support Action Against Hunger USA this month if you choose to do so, or split the payment between the Humble Bundle team and the developers.

If you’re feeling a little French today, head over to the Humble Mobile Bundle website to check it out.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle.