Now that Telstra’s rejigged it’s plans and finally announced its Note 8 pricing, we now know how much Samsung’s big new phone will cost you on a contract through every major telco. Given the $1,499 outright price, you shouldn’t be surprised to find it won’t be cheap, but an expensive price tag doesn’t mean there aren’t deals to be found.

As has become the norm, Virgin has a couple of banging deals. We’re quite fond of the $99 per month offer, which gets you a brand spanking new Note 8, 16GB of data, and unlimited talk and text. It’s easily one of the best data-for-dollar deals around when it comes to the Note 8.

Vodafone’s new approach to smartphone plans means you’ve got the option to pay-off your Note 8 over three years, rather than two, and helps make the larger upfront cost a little more manageable. You’re also able to freely change your base plan month-to-month, while paying $41.63 on top for your Note 8 repayment.

We recommend bundling this with $50 Red Data Plan, which give you 16GB, unlimited talk and text, and $5 per day roaming. The total monthly cost works out to be $91.63 per month. If you decide you’re sick of Vodafone down the line, you can leave at any time by paying out just the cost of your Note 8.

Telstra’s plans are pricey as expected, but you will get a bonus $400 8-inch Galaxy Tab A for your hassle. If you are okay with forking out the money, the 20GB $129 per month plan is our pick for value. The plan also includes a one year subscription to one Foxtel Now starter pack, a six month subscription to Apple Music, and unlimited international talk and text to 15 countries.

In terms of value, Optus slots in somewhere between Telstra and Virgin. Our favourite is the $110 option which gets you 20GB of data, unlimited talk and text, an Optus Sport subscription, and 400 international minutes.

It’s worth noting that Telstra and Optus both let you lease the Note 8 in exchange for either a cheaper monthly phone bill or some extra data. We tend to find that these plans aren’t necessarily worth it, given that you have to hand back your Note 8 when you upgrade or when your contract is over, and the savings don’t make up for the second-hand value that your phone would still hold. That being said, you can save as much as $30 per month on a Note 8 contract when it comes to Telstra’s cheaper plans, which could be enough of an incentive to forgo ownership.

If none of these sound right for you, check out the entire range of Note 8 plans below.

Telstra Galaxy Note 8 Plans

Telstra Galaxy Note 8 Leasing Plans

Optus Galaxy Note 8 Plans

Optus Galaxy Note 8 Leasing Plans

Virgin Galaxy Note 8 Plans

Vodafone Galaxy Note 8 Plans

If you want to be more granular, with your search, you can compare Note 8 plans here.

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if you are in a rural location the Wifi calling capability on the Telstra network is well worth the extra $$. It’s been a real step forward for us – no blackspots around the office or home. Hopefully the Note will have that capability.