After launching Google Assistant at I/O in May to US users, Google has now opened up availability to Australian users.

Google Assistant recently began appearing on more Android devices (finally), so it’s only fair that iOS users get access to (in our opinion) the best virtual assistant around. The Google Assistant is available to iOS devices running iOS 9.1 once the Google Assistant app is downloaded from iTunes.

So, what can it do? Well, it can essentially do everything that it can on Android, except it’s running as an app not as a native integration. You can set reminders, check the weather, find recipes, get directions and more. Google recommends you check these commands out if you’re a new user:

  • What’s my confirmation number for my flight to Broome?
  • Take me to the the Art Gallery of NSW.
  • Show my photos of Uluru.
  • Do I need sunglasses today?
  • How many Aussie dollars is 10 Pounds?

Google Assistant will work across devices, so you’ll find data shared making it easier for things like adding things to your shopping list whether it’s on your iOS device, an Android tablet or Google Home.

If you’re an iOS user, get over to iTunes and download the Google Assistant and try it out now.

Source: iTunes.
Via: Google Australia Blog.
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    I thought people knew about this already? You can get the Aussie Assistant, but don’t have settings for home automation/my day/news sources unless you switch back to US English temporarily.


    Would be good it they turned on support for Australian English in Actions on Google at some point.