Just over a week ago sales of the much-lauded (by me as well) OnePlus 5 into Australia started. Unfortunately it did not take long for Aussies to jump all over this flagship phone priced at the mid-range and a few of the variants sold out. They have today restocked some of those.

OnePlus were overwhelmed with the interest their device and very quickly sold out of the OnePlus 5 6GB/64GB in Slate Gray (sic) and Soft Gold as well as the 8GB/128GB in Midnight Black. While OnePlus did originally state that stock was limited, and while that may still be true, they have decided to restock the Slate Gray and Midnight Black variants that were sold out (but not the Soft Gold at this stage).

What this means for the Soft Sale is unknown it does mean that they are most likely happy with the sales figures.
We have reached out to OnePlus for comment on whether this means the sales are more permanent. When this “Soft Sale” will end is unknown but it will end at some time because if it is successful they will change over shipping a UK plug to an Aussie plug and to do that you would expect some time is required for that process. (The question has been asked why they did not ship with a Chinese plug, as many Chinese places have an AU plug, just upside down. Most likely the reason is that most Chinese have a US plug as well as or instead of the AU plug so thus they use a US-style plug).

If you were one of those who missed out on your choice of OnePlus 5 head on over to their website now and grab one while you can. Even though sales may be going well there is guarantee they will continue much longer or even be permanent. We have reached out to OnePlus for comment on the length of the Soft Sale and the restocking of the Soft Gold variant.

Were you one of those who have purchased during the Soft Sale? Have you got your phone yet (has it even shipped yet)? How are you liking it? Do you agree with my conclusion that it is the best value phone around at them moment?

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Maksim Lin

I ordered mine on Tue morning, arrived on Thur afternoon, so faster shipping than AusPost from Syd! Very happy with mine (8/128gb) so far bar the silly iOS-style notification hardware switch.
Also would like an aus plug, looks like the wall socket plug part may be detachable like older style apple chargers so hope OnePlus offer then at some stage instead of having to buy a whole new charrger.


The reason it was shipped with the UK plug was probably the model sold in AU is the EU model (there are three diffdrent models based on bands) which has that plug. Only if AU sales justfy a different packaging arrangement for the market specifically with an AU plug, it will then do so after tbe soft launch.

Anthony Kilburn

I ordered the 128GB/8GB variant last week and it was delivered on Monday. Like; the understated but classy design, AMOLED screen, clean software, great battery life, fast fingerprint reader. Dislike; slight jelly scrolling effect, phone is as slippery as a bar of soap w/o a case. Overall, I think this device is a beast, very happy overall, bang for buck is excellent.

Phill Edwards

Very happy with mine which arrived in only two days. Would like an Aussie plug though.


Ordered the phone on a Thursday afternoon and I received the phone on Monday!
Very happy with the purchase!

Michael Manning

I live a little further out of the capitals, but succumbed to the pressure and ordered mine on Friday night last week and it arrived today. Very fast shipping considering our location. As an upgrade from the 3T, I can say that I have noticed a slight speed jump, mainly in the window animations, but also a mild jump in most other areas as well….. It may also be the old 3T was four months in and needed a little head clear. I went with the copy or use existing device during setup though, so I have all the same… Read more »


Mine took two days to Brisbane after ordering. Phone has been fantastic so far, love the almost stock android, speed and battery life…


what does “overwhelmed” mean in the absence of actual sales figures – they could have only had 10 of each variety available for the soft launch!!


Why ? Just why…


Ordered one last Tuesday (128GB slate grey) and it arrived in my hands 2 days later. Very impressed with the speed of delivery. The phone is nice too. A bit of an upgrade from my 16GB Nexus 5.