Monday , September 25 2017

There’s now an ARCore app on Google Play – try it now

Google’s launch of ARCore last week has opened up the doors to wide-spread adoption of Augmented Reality on millions, potentially billions of devices world wide. The first app supporting ARCore is available now on Google Play.

The app is Atom Visualizer for ARCore Preview and as you’d expect from the name, you can use it to see atoms from the periodic table of elements, all the way from Helium to Organesson, displayed in Augmented Reality on your phone screen. The options in the app are pretty simple, atom view in the traditional sense, or you can display the electron cloud (electrons don’t just orbit like they taught you in basic Chemistry). You also get an animation speed slider and a trash button so you can show a new atom.

The app is pretty cool and easy to use. Simply choose your desired atom, then tap on the screen to lock it in place. You can change orientation on your phone from landscape to orientation and back, walk around it, walk closer to, or further away and the animation on-screen stays in the same place.

Installing is pretty easy if you have a Pixel or Galaxy S8 – they’re the only two devices supported for ARCore so far – simply head to Google’s Developer page (or APK Mirror) and download ARCore Services and then side-load it (or follow their instructions to push it via ADB). If you don’t you’ll be seeing this error when you try to launch the app:

Once you have ARCore Services installed, just download Atom Visualizer for ARCore Preview from Google Play.

Of course, if you don’t have a Pixel or Galaxy S8 then you’ll be out of luck…or will you? A few tests have shown that the app and Tango Core (yes, that’s what ARCore Services is actually called) apps work on pretty much any device, at least those devices I have running Nougat. You can download the ARCore Services APK from APKMirror, side-load it, then download Atom Visualizer for ARCore Preview from APK Mirror and side-load it as well.

Having used Tango fairly extensively which relies on additional cameras to attain this level of accuracy I can say I’m honestly impressed. This is definitely a Tango killer if there is such a thing. If you’re interested try it out and let us know what you think.


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