Yesterday we reported that OnePlus had restocked certain variants of the OnePlus 5 for Australians as part of the Soft Sale. The second part of the Soft Sale is the fan meetups where we will get a chance to meet and greet and discuss our OnePlus experiences with the OnePlus crew. Today they have announced the dates for these meetups, in Sydney and Melbourne only.

On their forum OnePlus have announced the two dates:

  • The first fan event will take place on September 18th in Sydney at the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Harbourside Room from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.
  • The second fan event will take place September 19th in Melbourne at the Alto in the GPO building from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

The fan meetups are designed to allow fans to meet with the OnePlus staff and offer suggestions on how they can improve their service into Australia. OnePlus are keen to hear our thoughts on your experience and how they can support us going forward and once they hear from us they will then consider whether to continue the sale of the OnePlus 5 into Australia. If you have not done so already, head on over to their website and signup for them to secure a spot.

OnePlus are apparently very happy and overwhelmed with the response to the Soft Sale into Australia so it would not surprise me if they continued to ship stock to us — hopefully it expands to accessories as well in the near future as I know many of you are trying to get your hands on official accessories. There is also no news on whether they plan to restock the Soft Gold variant of the OnePlus 5 anytime soon and I suspect that may be due to a worldwide shortage. It is only a newish SKU and seems to be very popular from what I hear around the traps.

A few of us Ausdroiders will also be in attendance so feel free to also come and let us know how you feel Ausdroid is going and what WE can do to improve as well. Are you planning on attending? If you are let us know in the comments below and we’ll endeavour to catch up with you there and make sure you register at the link above to ensure you are on the list.

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    Jarryd Howard

    I will be there tonite looking forward to see the people behind this awesome website