More commonly associated with emergency services workers, wearable cameras are becoming more of a consumer product. A new one to hit the market is a wearable streaming camera called Front Row. The camera is lets you capture the good times by broadcasting them or story booking them, hands free.

Equipped with a 4k camera capable of shooting both video and capturing still shots, there’s a lot to like (on paper) about the Front Row. It only weighs 55 grams, the battery will last through 2 hours of recording and about 15 – 20 minutes less if you’re broadcasting due to the continual stream of data streaming to your phone.

If you’re not connected to your device at the time there’s 32gb of storage which will easily cater for a couple of hours (more than a single charge) of recording. Regardless of how you choose to connect the Front Row, the premise is simple – share your world, your way, real time.

There are a lot of players in this field as with any gadget these days, anything from high cost quality equipment through to lower specs at a more affordable price. This Front Row fits under the former and at $500AUD it’s not a cheap option, but it does have high-end specs.

If you’re keen though you can check it out at the Front Row Website.

Is the front row a product you’d consider for your social media broadcasting needs?