HTC is sold on the squeezable Edge Sense feature launched on the HTC U11 earlier this year, today announcing expanded functionality for the feature with personalisation options to let you squeeze while in apps.

HTC says they see Edge Sense as an ‘alternative to tap or double tap features within your favorite apps’. You can assign short, or long squeezes to commands in apps. The commands can be used in multiple apps, so you may want to assign short press to Play and a long press could be skip episode in Netflix, but also then work with different actions assigned to short/long squeeze in another app.

HTC says:

we’re pre-loading options for 6 popular apps, but more advanced users can utilize our easy-to-use interface to customize functions for your favorite apps. Each particular app’s unique design will determine how the Edge Sense feature works’.

HTC is talking about making this update an ‘opt-in’ feature, but hasn’t advised how you will be opting into using them. With HTC making the upcoming Pixel 2 with a squeezable frame, even if you don’t have a U11, you may be able to use this function on there.

Source: HTC.