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IFA 2017 in Berlin was jam packed with audio gear this year. Alongside the numerous digital assistant powered speakers we also saw an explosion of wireless headphones and earbuds. One category of these that continues to grow is the in-ear ear buds. Not be be left behind Jabra Australia has announced that an updated version of their Elite Sport wireless earbuds are now available in Australia.

We recently reviewed the original Jabra Elite Sport and I have to say I’m a convert to this style of ear bud. If I had one reservation about them it was the battery life of 3 hours per charge. I’d like to think Jabra were listening because their now-available updated version features a 50% increase in battery capacity giving you 4.5 hours playback per charge and 13.5 (up from 9) hours when using the carrying case.

I still don’t run into an issue where my earbuds run flat, however I do occasionally get the low battery warning before bed, especially if I’ve been bingeing on YouTube videos. The extra 1.5 hours of playback per charge would likely see me never hear the low battery warning except for on a long flight or similar.

The new model heralds the inclusion of an ‘advanced equaliser’ into the Jabra Sport app to let you customise your audio experience just how you like it. Unlike a battery hardware upgrade, the new EQ will be available on older versions of the Jabra Elite Sport via an app and firmware update. I’m not an audio expert but even I was able to find a new setting that made my podcasts sound somehow richer.

If you’ve been considering a set of in-ear earbuds but were looking for longer battery life, then perhaps the upgraded Jabra Elite Sport may be for you. They are available today from Jabra’s website or JB Hi-Fi for $349 RRP.

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