Google is working on something to do with headphones. There have been several leaks of a ‘Bisto’ product, but newer leaks are pointing to a whole Bisto category and a new leak overnight for a new Headphone category could be it.

Overnight the Google product support page listed ‘Headphones’ as a product category alongside other Google products such as Pixel, Cardboard and more. The product category has since been removed from the page, but it’s listing, along with a URL – – show that it’s something that’s coming, just not yet.

At this stage, there isn’t a long bow to draw from seeing a Headphones category to linking it to the leaked Bisto product category which has continually linked back to Google Assistant powered headphones.

Whether Bisto is a Google branded set of Assistant enabled headphones, or more along the line of Google Assistant powered speakers from OEMs like we saw launched at IFA, is open to debate. There’s certainly evidence for either side. You could point to the soon to be announced updated Bose QC35 headphones or you could point to Google putting Bluetooth LE devices through the FCC, but we’ll likely not know until Google’s rumoured October 5th event.

What are your thoughts on Bisto, or the new Headphone category?

Source: Google Support.
Via: 9to5Google.
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    Geeks can’t have enough pairs of cool headphones, interested to see what they bring out.

    Btw love the new Ausdroid logo colours!