Motorolas latest handset, the recently announced Moto X4 is not the highest end handset, but it is quite well specced. The handset could also be launching as part of Google’s expanded Android One line-up.

The evidence for an Android One branded Moto X4 has been shared by Evan Blass (@evleaks) who shared this image overnight:

At the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi A1, Google announced they were expanding the Android One platform to include higher end handsets and new markets. If the image Evan has found and shared is correct, the Moto X4 could be the flagship for Android One.

While the Android One market has been aimed at sub-$100USD previously, the expanded program looks to the higher end. The Xiaomi Mi A1 retails around $300AUD whereas the Moto X4, if it is an Android One handset, will retail around the $600AUD mark (it will sell for €399 when it launches in Europe next month).

At this stage, Motorola Australia has not got any news to share on the Moto X4 arriving in Australia but we have seen previous Moto X launches here, so we may get our first Android One handset in Australia soon.

Source: @evleaks.


    1. here’s hoping the phone makes it here at all. i’d love for it to be a nominal fee on top of my Telstra plan but even if was a decent price outright from HN,Good guys, JB etc