Tonight at an event in Sydney Jaybird unveiled two new additions to their product lineup, including their first ever truly wireless headphones, the Jaybird RUN True Wireless Sport Headphones.

Jaybird RUN True Wireless Sport Headphones

Just as we saw so many other manufacturers do at IFA this year Jaybird have announced their new sports wireless earbuds. The Jaybird offering, the RUN True Wireless Sport Headphones are different to many other brands that offer this new product line in that they are designed to be used while active, especially while running.

The RUN earbuds feature Jaybird’s usual fin, helping to deliver a secure fit designed to stay in place even with the continuous bouncing that occurs while running. Jaybird used advice from top runners around the world to design these new headphones, and had some local talent doing a live “city run” event at the launch event in Sydney tonight. Surprise – the earbuds didn’t fall out.

The earbuds are also sweat proof and water resistant thanks to a double hydrophobic coating, all within a tiny, low profile package.

Jaybird Athlete and Partnership Manager said that:

Jaybird RUN is inspired by our athletes, and tested and built with the runner in mind who listens to music or podcasts and wants to feel as free as possible. Being runners ourselves, we understand how bulky headphones can get in the way. The Jaybird RUN compact form factor fits securely and delivers music without a single wire.

Jaybird RUN has a control button that allows the user to take phone calls, start and stop music, skip tracks and activate Google Assistant.

They’re are also noise cancelling, a feature lacking in lot of these styled headphones lack and works surprisingly well on these according to Jason who was at the Sydney launch event, but didn’t get to spend much time with the product. Besides taking the earbuds out for a run or a bike ride, we’re also looking forward to seeing how they function in a standard office environment, although the 4 hours runtime might preclude them from being an all-day audio solution.

Like some other products in the space, if you do run out of juice then the carry case provides an extra 8 hours of charge, and there’s even a rapid charge kicker – charging them for just five minutes can give you one hour of added playtime.

Jaybird also has a companion app that allows the user to customise the sound signature, and also has a built in “Find My Buds” function. Hopefully you won’t need to use it, but these things are pretty small so you never know …

The Jaybird RUN True Wireless Sport Headphones will come in two colours: Drift (white with silver metal accents) and Jet (black with silver metal accents) and will be in stores including JB HiFi from September 25. You can preorder from some stores, and also order online direct from Jaybird. They’ll set you back a cool $249.

Jaybird Freedom 2

The second product unveiled by Jaybird tonight was the Freedom 2, an evolution from last years model. The new headphones provide a greater comfort and fit than the previous generation thanks to softer, more flexible tops and fins. There is also a new cable management system called SpeedFit which helps keep the cable secure around the head.

The earbuds are apparently the smallest form factor on the market and are once again lightweight, sweat-proof and water resistant and can provide up to eight hours of playback.

The Jaybird Freedom 2 with SpeedFit will also be available in a black and a white colour instore from September 25. They can be preordered as well from Jaybird Online and will be available at JB HiFi for $229AUD.

We’ve got a set of Jaybird RUN wireless earbuds on our review desk, so stay tuned for a full review.

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Very keen to hear about the true wireless buds’ performance – I have a set of X3s and enjoy the Jaybird experience, and have also been very interested in going true wireless, but so far most reviews have noted too many caveats to take the (expensive) plunge.