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It’s on. October 4th is again the official date that Google will unveil the new Pixel devices (as well as a few other goodies), with Google releasing their first teaser for the upcoming event.

The teaser video, titled ‘Funny you should ask…’ asks a bunch of questions about what people want from their phone. The teaser uses the Google Search to show what people are searching for with phones including things such as software updates, better performance and storage options, Artificial Intelligence, and of course better battery life and camera – Google is presumably going to solve all these things with the new Pixels (fingers crossed). Check it out:

The teaser then ends with a link to a new teaser site g.co/askmore which then asks you to enter your email address and stay tuned for October 5th….5th? Yep, that’s Australian time. If you use a VPN though you get the October 4th date, but in Australia their Pixel event will be held in the early hours of October 5th.

We’re primed and ready, we’ve seen two Pixel phones head through the FCC, first the HTC built Pixel 2, and just yesterday the LG built Pixel XL 2 – which we’ve also seen head through the Global Certification Forum showing which LTE bands will be on board. What we may also likely see at the event on October 4th is a mini (almost Echo Dot like) Google Home, as well as a new Pixel Chromebook – and maybe even some new high-end Google Assistant powered headphones.

We’ll find out a lot more on October 5th, stay tuned for more details on where you can watch the event live.

Source: Google YouTube.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

Daniel is a former editor of Ausdroid, and left in February 2019.

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Let’s hope they also solve the duel stereo speaker issue too

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