LTE enabled, connected smartwatches are now among us. Huawei Watch 2 is SIM enabled, and the upcoming Apple Watches are eSIM enabled, allowing them to essentially use your phone number and inclusions on your plans with your watch. Telstra announced their eSIM details yesterday, but today Optus has unveiled their plans.

Called Number Share, the eSIM plan will ‘allow customers to make and receive calls and messages from any wearable device with an embedded SIM, also known as an eSIM, without needing to have their smartphone in close proximity’. It’s currently only being offered for the Apple Watch, and costs $5 a month on top of your monthly mobile plan fees. Optus is currently offering 6 months of Optus Number Share for $0, which is a pretty good deal.

The eSIM deals will be live on September 22nd, when the new iPhone launches. We haven’t seen any Android Wear devices listed as compatible with Number Share as yet, but it would be very cool to see.

Source: Optus.