October 4th is coming up fast, and with Google now officially on the teaser trail with the launch of a teaser website and video, we’re seeing that Google’s teaser site has a few ‘extras’ in it.

The ‘easter eggs’ found by 9to5Google on the g.co/askmore teaser site includes a set of three different ‘dot explosions’ when you click the ‘G’ logo after you enter your email address – go ahead and try it. There’s three colour palettes of the explosion, the first is black, pink and grey, the second has purple, green and blue dits, and of course there’s the traditional Google colour explosion of green, yellow, red and blue dots.

9to5Google believe that this could be related to colour options for Pixel, but we’re not convinced.

Moving on to the HTML of the site, there’s a link to a cookie.jpg which isn’t displayed on the page itself. It’s just hiding in the code.

The pic is of a ‘Black and White Cookie’, no, not a delicious neenish tart, rather a literal biscuit with black and white icing on it. Yep. Not that great. But, it gets at least a little bit interesting when you check the Exif Data for that image, with the Model listed as ‘Not that easy ;)’.

Is this a photo taken with the new Google Pixel?

The meaning of these hints, teasers, easter eggs, call them what you will, is pretty well up in the air. It could just be something to confuse or misdirect – or it may all click when Google announces the new Pixels on October 4th. We’ll find out soon.

Source: g.co/askmore.
Via: 9to5Google.
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    Bailey Herbert

    I think the cookies image relates somehow to Android Oreo which is still in beta but supposedly will be released soon.

    Dan Murphy

    Given that I’m looking at the images on a smartphone screen and things appear much smaller, the ‘Dot Explosion’ looks a bit like a QR Barcode.