Each year at Macca’s they run their Monopoly promotion and this year they have once again released their “Monopoly at Macca’s” Android app.

This year McDonald’s are giving players a one in five chance to win instant prizes from the prize pool valued at $276 million. The Monopoly at Macca’s app doubles as a virtual game board allowing players to scan and store their cards within. The app is thus a digital wallet for both major prizes and instant win food offers that can be swiped to redeem at any McDonald’s restaurant. Those Monopoly cards are very small and easy to lose.

The Monopoly at Macca’s app is already at the top of the app charts, albeit with a large number of one-star reviews but there are other incentives to use the app and play Monopoly at Macca’s; limited edition Monopoly tokens. There at 276 sets of the eight limited edition game piece tokens and, as expected, are McDonald’s related such as French Fries, Chicken McNuggets, Hash Browns and Big Macs. The tokens are available until the 17th of October and if you like Monopoly, and who doesn’t, they could be a welcome addition to any set. For a chance to win one of the 276 sets of McDonald’s Monopoly tokens head over to their website and enter your details.

McDonald’s may not be everyone’s cup of tea (it isn’t mine that’s for sure) but it is a lot of people’s. If you are heading into Macca’s anyway why not give their Monopoly app a try.

Monopoly at Macca's
Monopoly at Macca's
Price: To be announced
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run 3

Those Monopoly cards are very small and easy to lose.