The rumoured Google Home Mini is a step closer to being a tangible product with a new leak showing off the mini-smart speaker in three new colour options.

The speaker will be available in three colours: Chalk, Charcol and Coral, with the price expected to be $49USD (About $61AUD) when it launches.

In terms of specs, there’s not much information to tell us what to expect from the Google Home Mini (Yes, that’s apparently the name), though it does appear to have LED lights on top, though whether these are multi-coloured like Google Home isn’t clear.

In terms of functionality, Droid-Life are speculating that the Google Home Mini will be similar to Google Home full version, i.e able to ‘help you with your schedule, set reminders, grab news, and other Home-related inquiries’.

We’ll find out more about the Google Home Mini at Google’s October 4th event in just a couple of weeks.

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Will be interested to hear how good the mics are in it.


I may just pick one up now.


What do you know, a price that lines up with the competition. Mind the Dot often has price deals where the US price is $30 (AU$37), so google had better get used to discounting it.

And it looks like another missed opportunity to combine with the chromecast. Will be interesting to see what the mic situation is too.

And given how long it took home to reach Australia, is it likely to get here before Christmas?


Nice can’t wait, I was struggling to justify buying a few more Google Homes, These will make that a bit easier