Google’s Daydream View headset and controller are set to get an update with a new headset and controller in various colours leaking.

The leak is courtesy of Droid-Life who have shown off pictures of the revamped headset and controller in three colours: Charcol (Black), Fog (Grey) and Coral (Red) – almost the same colours as the Google Home Mini that was just leaked by DL as well.

Check it out:

As you can see, the new headset appears to be made of a different material which DL suggests is more nylon than the previous, mostly cotton like material. It’s also appears to be put together a lot better with the hinged front seemingly lining up with the rest of the body more precisely. It’s still the same latch up top to close it, and we can’t see the controller in the new pic, so there’s still some mystery.

The price will be $99USD, a slight hike from the $79USD the original sells for on the Google Store.

Droid-Life have also included a shot of the old and new headsets side-by-side to show off the differences.

The list of new things to be unveiled at Google’s upcoming October 4th event now includes two new Pixel phones, a new Chromebook, Google Home Mini and now a new Daydream View. It’s going to be exciting.

Source: Droid-life.
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> The price will be $99USD, a slight hike from the $79USD the original sells for

Because that went so well after the cardboard.

The price points for this type of thing is $20-30, people won’t pay more.

Google overpricing things seems to be a common factor. They did last year, and they are compounding it this.