It’s time for another couple of deals of the week in Google Play, with Grab Baby Monitor 3G and Zombie Gunship reduced to just 20c each on Google Play.

Google Play App Deal of the Week

Baby Monitor 3G

The question of what to do with an old Android device can be answered, for families with a new addition at least, with the Baby Monitor 3G app turning an old device into a baby monitor.

The app lets you see, hear and speak to your child by turning an old device into a server, which can transmit both live HD video and every bit of audio, as well as receive audio from another phone with the app installed. The app works using WIFI, 3G and LTE connections, so as long as you’re on the net you have access.

While it says it’s for a baby monitor, it essentially lets you turn an old phone into a basic surveillance system for anything – new puppy/kitten, basic security etc.

It’s a handy little app which for 20c gives you some options for those old Android handsets you have lying around..that is if you haven’t gotten rid of them already. To learn more you can check out their website or head to Google Play and grab it now.

Baby Monitor 3G - Video Nanny
Baby Monitor 3G - Video Nanny



Google Play Game Deal of the Week

Zombie Gunship

Ever fantasised about cleaning up the zombie apocalypse from the comfort of a C-130 Gunship? Well, now you can with Zombie Gunship which is just 20c this week on Google Play.

It’s pretty simple, you take the controls of the 25mm Gatling gun, 40mm Bofors auto-cannon, and 105mm Howitzer cannon built into the AC-130 and start mowing down zombies. You’ll earn promotions to higher ranks and collect bounties for each destroyed zombie, all of which lets you update your weapons to make you an even more efficient killer.

The game will install to Android TV devices, and supports Game controllers so you can sit back and take out the zombies from the comfort of your living room – or you can switch to another device with cloud saves letting you take up easily on another device whenever you want.

There is a downside though with In-App Purchases valued between $2.58 – $129.54 per item.

This is a great game to grab in terms of fun, but at 20c it’s an absolute steal. Check it out now on Google Play.



Dan’s Deal of the Week

It’s not a freebie this week, but it is on-sale. Normally priced at $2.99, Notification History Pro has been reduced to just $0.99 for a limited time.

It’s pretty simple doing exactly what the title implies – it lists your notification history. I’ve often swiped away notifications accidentally without reading them and wondered what it was, with this app you can check it out. The app records USSD, Flash SMS/Class 0 messages, dialog, toasts and notifications on status and allows you to auto-dismiss some if you want.

The full feature list includes:
* Collect notifications on status bar and group by apps
* Save notifications
* Clear notifications
* Launch app from notification
* Uninstall apps sending annoying notifications directly
* Ignore notification from specific apps
* Desktop widget to show the latest notifications (android 3.0 +)
* Import notifications from free version
* 12/24 hours time format
* Save USSD messages and Flash SMS/class 0 message (android 4.0+)
* Auto dismis(close) USSD and Flash SMS dialog (android 4.1+)
* Vibration, sound, LED for USSD and Flash SMS messages (android 4.0+)
* Detect and save all dialog
* Support copy notification to clipboard.
* Display installation source of apps (System app, Google play, amazon and unknown installer)
* Support not recording toast option
* Show recent notifications on status bar
* Record app install/update/uninstall history

It’s not the greatest looking app, it’s essentially early Android design if anything, but it seems to work.

You can check it out over on Google Play while it’s reduced.

Notification History Pro
Notification History Pro
Developer: Yotta Studio
Price: $1.99
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    My boss loves to set up these “baby monitors” in the ladies toilets.
    Then he complains when someones steals his phone!!