Andrew Bell, the artist behind Dead Zebra has announced that a new, Oktoberfest themed Android Mini will be going on-sale next week.

The latest Android Mini will be available next week, although Andrew hasn’t shared exactly when the figure will go on-sale, or how much the figure will be. The new figure will apparently be dressed in lederhosen and tyrolean hat, from the picture used to announce the upcoming figure on Andrew’s Instagram feed:

Previously Andrew has sold individually boxed Android Mini’s such as the latest Watermelon themed Android Mini for $10USD each, with shipping of a single unit to Australia costing around $14USD.

One neat accessory will be included with the figure with a German beer stein that Oktoberfest Andy can hold in his hand. Andrew shared that with the Android Collectibles Community over on Google+, with the caption ‘…did someone say beer?’ in response to a reader comment.

If you’re a keen beer drinker, Android collector or just like Androids in Lederhosen and Tyrolean hats this one is for you. Now we’ll need a follow-up of a lady Droid in her Dirndl for next year.

Source: Dead Zebra Instagram.