Instagram has today announced a new feature for Live Videos, Face Filters, which will let you add a kitten face, sunglasses or a rainbow to your face while streaming live.

It’s a neat feature, but not one we haven’t seen before, with Instagram aping Snapchat and their ‘Lenses’ feature earlier this year when they released Face Filters for taking selfies. This new advance means that Instagram has added a better level of face tracking and detection allowing them to do it for Live Video streams.

The update to Instagram Live hasn’t hit my device yet, but Instagram says it’s easy to do. Launch a Live Video stream in the Instagram app by tapping the camera in the top right, once there you can tap the face icon in the bottom right corner before or during your broadcast. Once activated, you can select from a range of face filters. For the launch, Instagram has included a new Sunglasses face filter as an exclusive for live streamers for the next week, which will let you change the scenery reflected in the lenses.

As a non-Snapchat user (I can’t work out the interface) I’m Ok with features like this being cross platform. I’m not a big live-streamer though so it’s unlikely to be big on my list of must-have features.

For those that do like a good live-stream keep checking the Instagram app. Instagram says they will be rolling out the Face Filter feature ‘globally over the next several weeks’ which kinda makes the one-week exclusive on the Sunglasses feature redundant. Still, check it out when it arrives and tell us what you think.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free
Source: Instagram.