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Blackberry fans can take solace knowing there’s more handsets coming from TCL, the maker of Blackberry branded handsets these days. The next one we could see is the Blackberry Krypton as it’s known, with new ‘in-the-wild’ shots showing up.

The shots showed up in a BBM channel via Blackberry Vietnam (BBVN), the photos don’t give a lot away about the device in the picture and according to Crackberry the source wasn’t even sure this is the Krypton – so there’s that. What we do know is there’s a new Blackberry phone which you can see in these two shots:

We do know that the Blackberry Krpton from TCL is real, with head of global sales for TCL, François Mahieu confirming the device would be arriving in October in a ‘full touch’ form factor. The phone has already passed through the FCC, the Bluetooth SIG and the Wi-Fi Alliance.

It looks cool, but there’s not much else to say on this one really.

Are you a Blackberry Fan? Are you looking forward to the Krypton?

y now, it’s no secret TCL has more BlackBerry smartphones in the works. The device known as ‘Krypton’ has passed through the Bluetooth SIG, Wi-Fi Alliance and FCC already and according to François Mahieu, head of global sales for TCL, the full-touch device is expected to arrive at some point in October. Still, despite all of that information, the ‘Krypton’ has eluded being caught on camera, mostly. A recently posted image offers up what could be the first glimpse of the next BlackBerry.
image: https://crackberry.com/sites/crackberry.com/files/styles/medium/public/article_images/2017/09/Krypton%20-BBMC_0.jpg?itok=3_ZXT2KU

As posted on BBM Channels, the image purports to show off the back side of the BlackBerry ‘Krypton’, though, given the source itself seemed uncertain if it really was the ‘Krypton’ there’s certainly a bit of room here for speculation and debate. Given it’s only a small look at the backside, there’s not a whole lot that can be derived from the photo, but have at it in the comments. Does even this small look pique your interest?

Read more at https://crackberry.com/leaked-photo-offers-small-glimpse-upcoming-blackberry-krypton#ZYtA6B2x4DfXt5EV.99

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