Huawei are doing a good job at building the hype surrounding their upcoming flagship launch. We have seen multiple leaks and rumours and outright statements from Huawei themselves about the Mate 10 series. Of the four expected Mate 10 devices the top of the line will be the Mate 10 Pro and overnight what looks like to be a render of the device has appeared.

The render of the Mate 10 Pro that has been uncovered by MobileXpose is a strange one. The render is not the best quality and also the format is not the same as what we would see in usual renders; there is no SIM card in (no cell signal and emergency calls only) and the battery is not full but is instead showing it as charging. It is as if someone has taken a photo of a device in operation, but there is no background to it.

The phone itself does look a lot like the display leaks we have seen, with the miniature bezels at the top and bottom of the device along with the dual rear camera. There is a distinct lack of a fingerprint sensor which supports my theory that Huawei have an under-glass fingerprint sensor ready to go (wishful thinking?) — the other option is of course a face unlock system such as the iPhone X. In recent years Huawei have attempted to innovate themselves rather than copy Apple so I’m leaning towards an under-display fingerprint sensor.

The Mate 10 series is going to be announced on October 16 and I for one will be counting down the hours until then. With four different Mate 10 variants in fours different price ranges expected to be unveiled there could well be one for everyone. Huawei seem to be streamlining their device range which will help their brand and device recognition.

At this stage we are expecting the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro to land downunder but it would not surprise me if we saw three of possibly even all four arrive here in Australia.

Source: MobileXpose.
Via: Android Headlines.
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My next phone


It’s gonna be this or the V30 for me. Can’t wait to see some actual release details on either!