It’s always been baffling why the Google Home wasn’t able to set a reminder, for me at least it’s one of the more useful functions of having a voice assistant, or it would be if my voice assistant supported it. According to a new Google Home support page the functionality should be rolling out to the Google Home anytime now.

We’ve tested the reminder functionality on the many incarnations of Google Assistant have found it works on phones (screen on and screen off), within Android Auto, on Android Wear 2.x but is still not working on any of our Google Homes. With the support page now live it shouldn’t be long until the feature is rolled out server side.

The support page lists the type of commands you can use for setting reminders, however using Google Assistant on the phone we were able to set reminders using a vast array of commands, and parameters. The update will also bring the ability for a Google Home to announce a reminder.

According to the language in the support page reminders “set on Google Home” will be alerted on the Google Home, it’s unclear if you set it on one will all of your connected Google Homes have the alert? My bet is on no. When a reminder is ready the home will say “”I have a reminder for [name]”and the LEDs will animate followed by a white LED staying on.

To listen to the reminder you can say:

  1. “Ok Google, what’s up?”
  2. “Ok, Google, what are my notifications?”
  3. “Ok Google, what are my reminders?”

You can also ask Assistant “What are my reminders” and it will read out all reminders for the day.

On the Google Home reminders will support multiple accounts allowing each user to set reminders to their own profiles. This is handy if you’re making a reminder at home that you will need on your phone later on. While technically a small feature this is definitely something that was ‘missing’ from the Google Home arsenal and we’re glad to see it rolling out soon.

Source: Google.
Via: 9to5Google.