+ Sunday January 19th, 2020

Google has overnight has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Emogi to help bring animated sticker packs to Google’s Gboard keyboard app.

The strategic partnership comes as Google recently introduced support for Bitmojis in Gboard, but the partnership with Emogi pulls from this as well as Gboard’s big selling point of GIF search.

Google has stated that the sticker packs will include thousands of options that range from cats to Donald Trump of course. Emogi has stated that the sticker packs will include the “hottest content from your favorite entertainers, brands, and cultural moments.”

To access the sticker packs through Gboard, you will need to download the “Emogi for Gboard” plugin app from Google Play Store. Once it has installed onto your nominated device, the app then links itself to Gboard and will then insert the various sticker packs under the stickers tab within Gboard. Simply just access the stick packs then to start sending in your various social media apps, messages and more.

You can download the Emogi extension pack for Gboard via the link below along with the Gboard app to try out these new cool sticker packs.

Emogi for Gboard
Emogi for Gboard
Developer: Emogi
Price: Free
Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Source: 9to5 Google.

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