One of the best integrations with my Google Home has to be my Logitech Harmony Ultimate Hub. Not only does this give me, and my 5 year old, voice control over our entertainment system but it also extends many services I can integrate the Google Home with. Harmony has an impressive catalogue of integrations with other services.

As announced earlier in the month Google has officially rolled out Australian English support for Google Assistant Apps; the Harmony app is amongst those we have tested and we can confirm it’s working. Previously I had been using Harmony via my Google Home by having it set to US English, the integration was too good not to have but now being able to use AU English prevents any US English hassles.

Now you can have your Home set to Australian English and still have the Harmony goodness. The Assistant app works perfectly, however the voice of the Harmony assistant is still the same US voice; it seems Google hasn’t allowed Assistant App developers to localise their voice assistants, as I find this across all services I use.

If you’ve got a Harmony Hub then you should definitely give the Assistant App a go, and if you’re looking for something awesome to add to your Home automation setup give Harmony a look.

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Stuart Coates

So how exactly do I pair this? I’ve tried asking Google home and it says it can’t help me with that. The app doesn’t have it listed as a service yet either? 🙁

Max Luong

This is great! No more need to go out to IFTTT then back again.

Jason Forsyth

Can I buy these locally or do I have to import one?