The Huawei Mate 10 is one of the most anticipated devices of 2017, and there has been a few. Today we have seen a YouTube channel make a video of what they say is the Huawei Mate 10 Porsche Edition. The renders appear real and if they are the Mate 10 Pro or Porsche or whatever it is is one hell of a good looking phone.

The renders show a phone with what must be the smallest possible bezels before a phone is bezel-less. There is the presence of a rear dual camera and a fingerprint sensor on the back underneath the two vertically-aligned Leica cameras. The display is an 18:9 aspect ratio display (expected to be 5.99 inches for at least one of the models).

The video also shows apparent specs of the Mate 10 Porsche Edition but they are nothing we did not already know. Watch the video below and then read on.

As with all rumours you should definitely take this with a massive pinch of salt. Personally I am unexcited about these as I doubt their legitimacy. The renders are definitely not the Porsche Edition also because every single Porsche Edition device that Huawei have made has a Porsche symbol on it as well as the words Porsche Design. This one does not. It is unlikely Huawei would make renders of a device without including the Porsche Design logo and name.

Another point against these renders is where they came from. If you look through all the videos made by this leaker they are normally concept images and bad fakes.

IF, and remember if is a small word with a very big meaning, the renders are legit they are in fact the Mate 10 Pro with the image matching very closely what the leaks and rumours have told us. I am fairly sure they are not the Porsche Edition. The front display on these leaks does not match the leaked display we saw last week (see below). The top bezel on the renders appears to be a lot smaller than the leaked display although this could just be my eyes.

Even though we feel that they are most likely fake renders you can make up your own mind. Check out the video and the pictures and let us know in the comments below. We will find out the exact details come October 16, on all four expected Mate 10 editions.

I am still hoping for an under-display fingerprint sensor on the Mate 10 Pro but if this is actually the Mate 10 Pro I will still be a very happy boy. It does look like a great phone. I’ll take a blue one thanks Huawei.

Source: Science and Knowledge.
Via: GSM Arena.