At an event in Sydney today Nokia has announced that the phone that was so successful so long ago will be making a return to our shores. The Nokia 3310 was a staple for so many of us back when Android and the iPhone were just a twinkle in their creators’ eye and now it is back to warm our hearts once again.

Nokia announced at MWC this year that they were releasing a new Nokia 3310, updated (sort of) for the new millennium. The main difference from the original one and the 2017 version is the size of the display — it is now a 2.4 inch QVGA display, includes a 2MP camera and a microSD slot with support for up to 32GB. It only supports Bluetooth 2.1 and has 64MB of onboard storage.

The 3310 does not run Android like their other phones but instead runs Nokia Seres 30+ OS. The 1200mAh battery provides a talk time of 6.5 hours and the standby time is 27 days! The phone does not do much itself except for make and receive calls and texts but it has snake!

The Nokia 3310 announced earlier this year was only a 2G-enabled phone but today their announcement was that the 3310 would now be 3G-compatible and thus slightly less useless in Australia. It is available in four striking colours: Azure, Charcoal, Red and Yellow.

As you would expect, a feature phone without any smart features does not cost much; at $89AU and available in mid-October there are already a few Ausdroiders signalling their intention to pick one up.

Anyone else looking to grab one of these? Although not very useful it would make a great keepsake.

Source: eftm.