I bet you are all getting sick of me reporting all the Huawei Mate 10 rumours and leaks. Many of us love leaks and rumours about upcoming devices but unfortunately they all too often fail to live up to expectations. Huawei are certainly backing their phone to live up to all of not just ours but their own expectations and have taken to Twitter to spout it’s intelligence.

This evening the official global account for Huawei has taken to Twitter sending out a video teasing their next flagship, the Mate 10. The video does not give much but it does show how focused Huawei are on using the AI hardware inside the phone to be able to be smarter in the moment and use that to predict what is next in your use. The video insists that the device is not a smartphone in the traditional sense of the word but an intelligent machine thanks to the dedicated AI chip on the Kirin 970.

The video shows a rear dual camera (nothing new here) and what appears to be a metal frame which is once again nothing new. The end of the video points the user to the Huawei consumer website, and when localised to Australia (automatic redirect) it shows the same video. Huawei are making a concerted effort to push these phones worldwide and think it can help them maintain their position as the number two smartphone manufacturer in the world (a tough ask in an Apple launch quarter though).

With only just over a couple of weeks to go until the Huawei Mate 10 announcement we will find out soon if all the hype that has been built up is accurate or whether it will fail to live up to expectations. Huawei are betting big and we hope they succeed — we need another player at the top end of the game here in Australia.

Source: Huawei Mobile.