+ Thursday January 23rd, 2020

It is just two days until Google will be announcing the next generation of devices from their hardware team but that has not stopped pictures of them leaking. Overnight Evan Blass (once again) has once again revealed what an upcoming device looks like, this time the Google Pixel XL 2.

Evan first tweeted out an image of the phone inside a case showing the two buttons (power and volume rocker) on the right hand side and dual stereo (we are assuming they are stereo) front-facing speakers. The bezels are smaller than last year’s Pixel XL (which isn’t hard) and extremely reminiscent of the LG V30 and G6 bezels — not a bad thing at all. There are phones with smaller bezels but these may well be a happy medium that allows you to hold the phone a lot easier while using it without causing touches on the screen.

Evan followed up that tweet with a render of the Pixel XL 2 not inside a case. This does not give much extra information but does show the bezels much more accurately. We can see that the side bezels are rather large (relatively compared to some devices — just like on the LG G6/V30 once again) and the dual front-facing speakers are at the extremes of the front. Obviously we can also see the rearranged Google Launcher with the Google search bar down the bottom of the display — not sure how I feel about that.

Unfortunately Google still has not fixed up the circular icons for Gmail and YouTube (and most likely many others) and has the symbol just sitting on a basic white circle. Seems we will have to continue to rely on third party icon packs to get consistent icons throughout the launcher.

Stay tuned to Ausdroid between now and Thursday where we will provide you with all the pre-launch information you may require. Then on Thursday morning we have Jason boot on the ground at the announcement in San Francisco so expect so great hands on pictures and first hand impressions.

Source: Evan Blass.

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Ausdroid Reader

“There are phones with smaller bezels but these may well be a happy medium that allows you to hold the phone a lot easier while using it without causing touches on the screen.”

Thank you. People keep going on about wanting no bezels. I can only assume they don’t watch much media for long periods on their devices, otherwise they would know you need some bezel!


Ugly, but I will still be buying it. The N6 is needing a reboot every couple of days and getting tired.

Caleb Johns (CJ)
Ausdroid Reader

I’m on the exact same boat as you, my Nexus 6 has lived a very good life but it’s time for it to be retired. Replacing the battery did breath some life into it but it’s now just slow.

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