It was only this morning we shared the leaks of the new Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2, but we overlooked something in the source report that’s likely to upset more than a few people.

That is, it looks like the LG-made Pixel XL 2 won’t actually ship to customers until mid November, a full month behind the expected date of October 19 for the smaller HTC-made Pixel 2.

If ever there was an argument against using two different manufacturers to build devices which are supposed to be announced and go on sale at the same time, this would be a good one; undoubtedly people will be hanging out for the Pixel XL 2 with its larger display, rounded edges and lesser bezels, but those same people will also be disappointed waiting an extra month or so to get their hands on it.

Of course, this isn’t confirmed but it’s likely we’ll know more at the launch event in a day or two. One thing that is likely, though, is that pre-order for both phones will open almost immediately after announcement, so people can line up (figuratively speaking) fairly quickly.


If true, we think this is a bit of a terrible outcome; the Snapdragon 835 is not a new processor. It’s been on the market for months now, and there’s plenty of handsets using it, and for Google — which has adopted a late-in-the-year release schedule — to commence sales of a device in mid November, it strikes me as being a little bit too late to the party.

The Pixel XL 2, with its Snapdragon 835, would’ve been far more impressive a month or two ago. In November, it runs the risk of being old news, so we can only hope the balance of the hardware equation stacks up to make a compelling device. As the defacto reference devices for Android (after the Nexus program was shelved), the Pixel brand needs to lead the way, not follow in the footsteps of others.

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These phones used to be good when they were in the $500 price bracket. $800 for the Nexus 6 was a push. Smashing above $1200-1400 bracket now is just outrageous for a completely stock Android phone – especially when it comes with outdated hardware from launch.

I’ve lost complete faith in the Nexus/Pixel line. Google have botch the whole thing IMO.


Anyone know if ARcore will be launching with the Pixel 2’s?


With all these new “premium” phones having come online recently it will be interesting to watch the pricing over Xmas.

Square Eyed

It sounds like Google is trying their hardest to botch this launch.


Hmmmm interesting considering that LG has not not announced an international launch date for the v30.