One of the major inconveniences of the new smart IoT connected world we live in is power outages, not that our devices don’t work without power, the issue is that they default to “on” when power resumes. For smart bulbs in a bedroom that’s a little sleep interruptive, and for some devices, like the Google Home, the boot noise can have the same effect; this is incompatible with marriage.

Thanks to a new feature currently being tested on the Google Home Preview channel you can now set up Google Home devices to be a little more respectful of when you want it to be quite and when you don’t want to be interrupted at all, hopefully this applies to the boot up sound!

Using the new Night Mode you can customise when you want your Google Home to be a little more reserved. For example between 9pm and 6am Monday to Friday you can reduce the Google Home’s volume, reduce the brightness of the LED lights and additionally activate a do not disturbed mode to make the device almost completely silent, except for alarms and timers.

Unfortunately, you only seem to have the ability to configure 1 set of times per device, so if you wanted different time patterns on different days you can’t set that up yet. However, for a first run of a trial feature I think we’ll give Google a little latitude on that one. You can set individual times for each Google Home; in fact initially you’ll need to set it up on each Google Home you want to have Night Mode or DnD activated on.

If you’re on the Home Preview you should have the feature now, and if you are not on the preview and you want to try it out why not join up?

Source: AndroidPolice.