Blizzard Entertainments latest app, called Blizzard is now available for mobile devices with apps available on Google Play and the Apple app store, bringing the social features from the Blizzard desktop app to your phone.

Blizzard Entertainment are one of the biggest names in online gaming and have been since World of Warcraft went from online game to obsession for Millions of users. One of the problems with online gaming is that you’re not necessarily keen to share your personal details with the people you game with so you chat online. Until now that has meant to organise a game with your online mates, you’ve had to open the desktop app on your PC or laptop but now there’s a app for your mobile to compliment this need.

Like the chat window on your desktop machine you can:

  • See what your friends are playing
  • Chat with those friends
  • Add new friends through multiple pathways

This is functionality that the vast majority of users will get onboard, my only query is why it wasn’t combined into a single app with the authenticator that is already on the Play Store?
Price: Free

Do you share your personal details with online friends?

Source: Google Play.