Google Home have made quite a splash in the consumer electronics space and as the product matures it is becoming more and more functional for users. Additional functionality for Google Home users to find their phone has been delivered, even when the phone is on silent mode.

So for users like myself who regularly have their phone on silent and forget where you’ve put it down, this is great news. At the moment there is a steady stream of additional functionality being delivered to users and for those with 1 or more Google Home devices, the future of the device looks great.

Interestingly Google Home has detected that there are multiple devices attached to my account. This is probably not an issue for the vast majority of users, but when you change devices (or in the case of Ausdroid writers, review them) regularly your Google home cycles through the devices. At this stage there doesn’t seem to be any clear way to bring active devices to the top of the list, I think I’m perhaps just lucky or the fact that I semi-regularly go through and remove old review devices may go in my favour.

Unfortunately: Things don’t always go quite to plan.

When I was shooting the above video I suffered a voice verification failure. For someone who has their phone, retraining the voice model isn’t a problem but if you’re trying to find your phone, asking you to do so is a quite amusing.

If you could add one piece of functionality to Google Home, what would you add?

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Good to see it integrated, I’ve been using IFTTT with the same functionality (unsilent and find my phone)

Zeit Geb3r

I’ve done this for 7+yrs using cerberusapp


No you didn’t sorry. You had to go to another phone or website to find the phone. With this you just ask for it, clean and simple.

I used Cerberus and was given a free lifetime account that they rescinded. I would have happily paid for the service but after giving me a lifetime service that lasted a couple of years I could never trust them.