Myer has today announced they will be the first Australian retailer to offer customers access to Android Pay as well as Apple Pay on their new store branded Visa card.

The card, issued by the Macquarie Bank, a long time Android Pay partner, will allow customers to track their spending through the Myer Credit app, as well as earning credits on the Myer One incentive rewards program on eligible credit card purchases. Once the new card is associated with Android (or Apple) Pay, customers can of course track their spending there as well.

Richard Umbers, Myer CEO and managing director said of the launch

We are excited to be bringing Android Pay and Apple Pay to the new Myer Credit Card. The card will provide our customers with an easier way to pay and reward them for their loyalty.

The card will launch this month, so keep your eye on the website for more details.


    1. I guess if you want to go with the technicality that it’s a Visa card then Myer can state that they’re the first retailer to offer Android and Apple Pay on their co-brand card, but David Jones have had this a lot longer than Myer have with their American Express, since they have had their card on all services the day AMEX launched on each respective platform.