The third party Actions on Google apps for the Google Assistant are only relatively new to Australia, but it seems Woolworths at least is jumping on board offering their app on Google Assistant.

To find the app, open the Google Home app on your device and then jump to ‘Explore’ in the side-bar and search for Woolworths. The app, pointed out to us by Jordan, will work with essentially anything that runs Google Assistant including Google Home (and we presume Google Home Mini). The Woolworths Action asks you to tell the Assistant to ‘Talk to Woolies’, or more formally ‘Talk to Woolworths’.

The first action will prompt you to link your Woolworths account with the Assistant, once done the next time you ask to talk to Woolworths you’ll be able to add items to your shopping list.

You have to be a little specific with the Woolworths Action. A generic ask for Peanut Butter to be added was for possibly the first one on their list, but ask specifically and you can get the right thing added. Adding items to your basket seems to be the only thing that the app does, it won’t tell you where the nearest Woolies is, nor what’s in your shopping list (two good suggestions for you there Woolies.

Once you’ve used the interaction to add something to your Woolworths Shopping list you can jump into the Woolworths Mobile app, which if linked will show you the items under a new ‘Google Home’ shopping list.

Not a bad effort for Woolworths, but there’s certainly some work to do to make it infinitely more useful. At this stage there’s no equivalent for Coles or IGA, but we’d love to see what they could offer as well.

If you have a neat Australian Actions on Google app you made, use or love then let us know.

Thanks: Jordan.


    1. That’s pretty cool. What’s cooler is when I went looking for how to set it up, I saw that my Bring shopping list app was already supported, so I set that up instead. Now I can just tell my phone to add something to the Bring shopping list I share with the wife & next time one of us is shopping it will get bought. The future is here!