Android Wear 2.0 may not be the universally loved update that Google intended, but at least one feature is cool with feature updates now able to be rolled out to watches through the Play Store.

Googler, Android Wear and IoT expert Hoi Lam has spoken about the change which means no more waits for firmware updates for at lesast some features to be pushed out. In his post he describes a recent update which brought new features to the watch:

Daniel Tyson:
More updates for Android Wear
With Android Wear 2.0, new features can be delivered through the Play Store, when the Android Wear app on your watch is updated. The aim is to publish more timely improvements between OTAs. We launched one such upgrade last week that includes:

? 3rd party chat app support in Contacts
? Reduce accidental entry into the watch face picker
? Improve Play Store discoverability for new users
? Other features and bug fixes

Hope you like them and more to come in the coming months! ?⌚

In terms of hardware, Android Wear failed to get any love at the latest Made by Google event, and software wise Android Wear 2.0 is also not terribly loved by users so this could be a way to fix at least some of the issues with the platform.

We’ll have to wait and see what other goodies Google can deliver with this method, and hopefully we could see at least some of the delivery methods come to mainstream Android for feature and secuirty updates bypassing the usual carrier testing holdup.

Source: +Hoi Lam.