If you’ve read the previous rumours, a Razer branded gaming oriented phone will be no surprise and it could be arriving on November 1st.

Razer, one of the biggest gaming accessory makers in the world, has tweeted a teaser picture for a November 1st launch, which essentially telegraphs that the device is a mobile device – and we’re going with a phone.

Razer has certainly got intentions in the mobile business, bolstering their Android gaming chops by first purchasing Ouya in 2015 before acquiring Nextbit, makers of the cloud focused Robin mobile earlier this year.

Whether we even get it here is another big question given other releases like the ill-fated Razer Forge Android TV console never launched here.

Razer makes some great quality gaming hardware, garnering fans worldwide for their industrial look and comfortable feel. Exactly how well a Razer phone will go if it comes on November 1st remains to be seen. You can sign up to receive updates on the big launch at razerzone.com/watch-listen-play.

Source: @razer.
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    Daniel Sobey

    This could also be a VR Headset as they already make the HDK2 headset for the osvr project.


    The fact that they capitalised the whole word “WATCH” kinda suggests to me that it might be a… watch.


    I reckon the circle of light cast by the device is smaller than a 5+ inch phone (based on my industry standard dark-bathroom-and-S8+ test 😉 Could be a watch still in its box mounting! Or the circle of light could have a vignette effect for marketing purposes 😉