Good news everyone, you can now order a Google Home Mini from the Google Store or JB Hifi with the smart speaker set to ship out and arrive in-store from the 24th of October.

It’s been a rough week for Google’s latest speaker, with the company advising they were disabling the top touch function on the Home Mini yesterday. If that hasn’t deterred you, you can almost get your hands on one in Australia. The Google Store and JB HiFi are selling the speaker for $79 in Charcol and Chalk with the Google Store retaining an exclusive on the Coral coloured speaker.

The Google store offers free shipping, while JB Hifi are asking $4.95 for delivery ahead of the speakers arriving in-store on the 24th of October. Google is also sticking to the 24th of October date for orders placed on the Google Store.

Google does offer faster shipping options, for $23 you can get International Priority shipping promising the delivery between October 26 – 30, as opposed to the free option getting it there between Oct 30 – Nov 1.

If you’re wanting to get a speaker at Telstra it looks like it will be up for sale on their site soon, and presumably in-store as well. From the colours displayed it appears they will only have Charcol and Chalk colour options too.

If you’re wanting to get in on the Google Home train cheap then this is the perfect way to do so. Time to decide if the Coral headset is for you and order through the Google Store or just wait till October 24th and grab a Chalk or Charcol one from JB or Telstra.

Thanks: Dan.
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    Hmm, $79 when there are offers on OZbargain that put the air freshener Home at just over the hundred? And this one doesn’t work properly?

    Here’s an idea google, do a special offer for existing Chromecast owners – down to $50 in time for Christmas?

    Meanwhile Amazon are holding a free “Marketplace Seller Summit” on 13 November – which would make a workable launch date for their offerings ….

    Max Luong

    Seems my decision to order two coral red Minis on the day of the announcement was the right one!


    I ordered from Officeworks and they’re saying it’ll arrive on the 24th on free shipping.


    No news for Pixel phone?