The AFL season may be over for another year but you can get prepped for next season with the official AFL Google Assistant app.

Available to try now, it’s a bit behind the times but is available as an app from Telstra in the Explore section of the Google Assistant. It has a 3-Star rating currently, so it’s not everyone’s ideal Google Assistant implementation but it is at least available – unlike an equivalent NRL Google Assistant app.

There’s a few commands you can throw at the AFL Google Assistant app including finding out about upcoming fixtures, results and of course position on the ladder. Being out of season there’s not many fixtures coming up, but you can find out the last set of results for your team – though it won’t tell you when those results were.

We may never have gotten the Google Now AFL Cards that the AFL said were coming, but there is now a Google Assistant app. If you want to give it a go you can find it in the Explore section of the Google Home app on your device.

Thanks: Priya.
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    Phillip Malone

    Just for the interest sakes. Aussie Rules Guy has the 2018 fixture data and the AFL assistant doesn’t! Just saying! 😉

    Luke Vesty

    Ummm where is the explore section on the Google Home app? Do I actually need a Google Home for this section to become visible?

    Luke Vesty

    There is no “explore” section in my nav drawer in the Home app. No idea what’s the go here. I’m definitely starting to think I need a Google Home connected for this to show up.

    If I go to the blue icon in my Pixel’s assistant, however, the explore section is available. Thanks!

    Lee Hall

    It’s so weird talking to a blokey/aussie robotic voice. I already have “can I help you with anything else” stuck in my head in that awful voice 🙂

    Phillip Malone

    Hmm….Wonder why someone hadn’t done an AFL Assistant before? Oh, that’s right! I had! 😉 Try Aussie Rules guys! But lets face it, if Telstra pull their finger out, they have a better store of stats to draw on!

    Funny they can use AFL, when I tried that they said it was to hard for the assistant to understand!