Unlike the new Pixel 2 range, the original Google Pixel came with unlimited photo storage of original quality photos for an unspecified time. The new devices, though, will only have this until 2020. There had been some concern that, with this move, Google might impose a limit on original Pixel owners too, but it seems that’s not to be the case.

Android Police reached out to Google to confirm its intentions for the original Pixel’s significantly more generous inclusion, and Google said no, there won’t be a time limit imposed for original Pixel owners. Frankly, it probably doesn’t matter so much, as the likelihood of too many original Pixels being used in a year or more is pretty slim, but for those who will hang on like a limpet, it’s good news.

Of course, after 2020, original quality photos will remain accessible for Pixel 2 owners, but new uploads after the cut-off will be at the “high quality” setting, which isn’t quite the original quality, but it’s close enough not to really cause any concern.

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    What if you own an original pixel outright and upgrade to a pixel 2 while still keeping the original? Do you get grandfathered in or do you upgrade to the pixel 2 “plan”?


    Does the lifetime deal still apply if you buy a used Pixel?


    Keep your old pixel, upload all your new photos through it.


    After getting the new Pixel launcher, the new camera app with Motion, and now this… I think I’m keeping my original Pixel (and skipping Pixel 2).


    Hopefully following pixel 3, 4 and so on will continue to have at least one year plus free Google photos.