Google Photos facial recognition is moving to the animal world today, with Google announcing that they’re adding cats and dogs to photo grouping.

According to Google your animal photos will now be grouped together, with the option to name your pet and then see all those memories with your fur baby grouped together in the People section, which is now being renamed to ‘People & Pets’.

If you don’t name your pet, you can still search using breed, so you can find your Corgi or Miniature Schnauzer pics simply by searching for them. You can also manually create one of the ‘Pawesome’ movies featuring your pet that Google started rolling out in Photos a few months back, with a choice of six soundtracks.

If your moggy or pooch is constantly in your photo stream this should let you find all those pics quickly.

Source: Google.
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    google photos is one of those rare services that actually seems to add great features more quickly than we can think of them


    can confirm, however, that it thinks every black dog is the same dog. fair enough, that’s quite a big ask.

    Luke Vesty

    Doesn’t seem to be active for me yet… I need this feature! Waaaay too many cat photos…