Google Home function and user base is set to expand in the coming weeks and months as the Mini goes on sale here (and the Max in the US), bringing more users into the fold. Google has constantly expanded the feature list and the latest to be added is a sleep timer.

The commands are fairly straightforward as you’d expect with a simple ‘Set a sleep timer for 30 minutes’ or ‘Set a sleep timer at 9:30’ – but if you want to get more granular you can choose from one of the other commands listed in the support documentation.

That’s some nice commands there, including the option to check how long is left on the timer. There’s a lot of people apparently asking for this functionality, so if you were one of them, check your Google Home to see if it’s working.

What other features would you like to see added to Google Home?

Source: Google Support.
Via: Android Police.
    To do this:  Say “Ok Google” then…
    Set a sleep timer “Set a sleep timer for 30 minutes”
    “Set a sleep timer at 9:30”
    Set sleep timer by duration

    “Play music/artist/genre/playlist for <duration>”
    “Stop music/artist/genre/playlist in <duration>”
    “Stop playing in <duration>”

    Set sleep timer by time “Play music/artist/genre/playlistuntil <time>”
    “Stop music/artist/genre/playlist at <time>”
    “Stop playing at <time>”
    Update a sleep timer

    Note: Creating a new sleep timer will replace the existing sleep timer. 

    Use any of the above voice commands

    Cancel music timer

    Note: This only cancels the music timer. Your music will continue playing. 

    “Cancel the sleep timer”
    Ask about remaining time on timer “How much time is left on the sleep timer?”