We’re pretty big fans of Motorola’s Moto Mods, but the latest one announced today – an Amazon Alexa powered speaker – probably won’t be arriving here in Australia any time soon.

The speaker attaches to the Moto Z line of phones, and offers you a more powerful speaker than the internal unit, additionally the mod has four built-in microphones to allow Alexa (Amazon’s voice assistant) to hear your queries and commands. The speaker mod is powered with a 15 hours of built-in battery life so it won’t drain your phone.

The speaker is designed to work in a ‘dock’ mode when you’re charging the phone on your nightstand overnight, tilting the phone slightly so you can see the display.

At US$149.99 the ‘Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa’ isn’t cheap – and given Amazon still hasn’t officially launched Australian availability for Alexa it’s unlikely we’ll see it anytime soon. Motorola will begin distributing it in the US, as well as making it available in markets where Alexa is available in November.

Source: Motorola.