Android Wear users who are interested in heart rate monitoring are getting excited this morning with the launch of Cardiogram in Google Play.

Cardiogram has been a big name on the Apple Watch and Garmin devices for some time now, with Cardiogram positioning the app as an option for ‘tracking heart rate for sleep, fitness, stress, and monitoring medical conditions’. The app uses the built-in heart rate monitor on many Android Wear devices such as the Huawei Watch, LG Watch Sport,Moto 360, New Balance RunIQ, Polar M600 and more as a base, with the app showing data throughout your day.

Cardiogram will take a heart rate reading every five minutes in passive mode, or if you start a workout will log a continuous stream of data which can be analysed later. The frequency can be changed to every minute if required, which is an Android specific feature.

So, what can it offer? While they’re treading a fine line spruiking associating themselves even tangentially with any medical health benefits, their claims of what Cardiogram can offer is mainly through customer feedback, with Johnson Hsieh, Co-founder of Cardiogram saying

On the Timeline tab, we show daily minute-by-minute graphs of heart rate that help you monitor your health throughout the day. For example, during restful sleep, you’ll see spikes every 90–120 minutes for your REM cycles. If you have a medical condition, you can use Cardiogram to self-manage the condition or recovery. For example, users have wrote in telling us they use Cardiogram to monitor PTSD, diabetes, sleep apnea, and associated downstream health risks.

Cardiogram integrates with Google Fit, importing step counts and they are looking to add a feature in the future which will give you the option to import historical heart rate data from Google Fit as well.

Users of Cardiogram on Android Wear, Apple Watch, and Garmin devices can also become socially connected now on Cardiogram with a leaderboard for step counts, lowest resting heart rate and more upping the ante for the competitive people out there.

If Cardiogram seems to be what you’re looking for you can check it out on Google Play now.

Source: Google Play.
Via: Cadriogram.
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