Google announced Android Instant Apps at Google I/O last year, but it wasn’t until this year that they really started to get going. Now, Google is making it easier to try them out with a new ‘Try Now’ button in Google Play.

The list of Android Instant Apps isn’t massive, but Google has collated some into a focus on Google Play to make them easier to find. There’s only eight to choose from so far, but it’s very, very easy to try now with each listing having a ‘Try Now’ button next to the Install button on the Play Store.

Once you click the Try Now button, a small installation is downloaded onto your device and then you’re able to test out the Instant App.

After you’re done you don’t really have to do anything, if you like the app you can then decide to install the full instance or just forget about it and move on.

Google opened Android Instant Apps to all developers at Google I/O this year, with tutorials and help being offered to developers on how to modularise their apps to allow for Instant Apps to work. A public push on the Play Store allows for Google to put Instant Apps back into the mindset of customers, and quite frankly after playing with a couple of these more developers should be jumping on board.

If you want to check out Instant Apps on Google Play, check them out in the focus on Google Play and let us know your favourite.

Source: Google Play.
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    Got it turned on already, don’t see the button yet. Where’s it? Only available with latest version or something like that?


    Strange… even though I have Instant Apps turned on I cannot see any, even at that link, they’re just the install button. On another phone with another google account I can see them. Any tricks to make them show up?