As we suspected, Google today opened pre-orders for the Pixel 2 on their online store, Telstra started taking pre-orders and so did JB Hifi but only in limited colour and size options..that is if you believe their website. If you head in-store however you can pre-order the phone in any config that Google offer it in.

We’ve checked with a number of JB stores and their online system lists both the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL in Black, White in both 64GB and 128GB storage options. JB also has a listing for the Kinda Blue Pixel 2, but as with both Telstra and the Google store it’s available in 64GB storage options only.

Pricing remains the same as the Google Store, so don’t worry about spending more but you may have to wait a while, at least for the Pixel 2 XL with wait times for both colours of the 128GB models and the white 64GB not expected until November 20th.

So, if you’ve been eyeing off the 64GB Kinda Blue Pixel 2 (like I have) but wanted to get it asap instead of waiting for the Google Store head into your local JB Hifi and get a pre-order going.

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    Hi guys. Do you know if JB is going to stock the fabric cases from Google Store?

    Chris Rowland

    I do hope so. Those cases are so good.


    Yep, went in today to preorder the panda XL 128gb, which isn’t listed on their site. They said all preorders will be guaranteed stock. yay! now the waiting game begins.

    Kenny Jiong Liao

    did they say when you can get your order? the google store says the panda colour won’t be available until 6 weeks later…..