HTC is having something of a comeback this year, the U11 is a great phone and it looks like HTC is ready to show off some more announcing an event to take place on November 2nd.

The event was announced via their social media channels with a save the date reminder for November 2nd. There’s no further details on time, place etc. at this stage, nor any hints about what they’ll announce. Though they haven’t announced what’s coming it’s likely we’re going to see the HTC U11 Plus, a larger screened version of the U11, as well as possibly the HTC U11 Life, an Android One handset.

The U11 Plus has recently made news with renders of the device leaking thanks to Indian site The Royale. The phone was shown off in a 360-degree render video in the style of previous leaks based on specs provided by case makers. The phone looks lovely with the same design as the U11, though with an 18:9 aspect ratio 6″ display.

Internally, we expect to see the same Snapdragon 835, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of on-board storage. The U11 was released with a 6GB/128GB RAM/Storage option for a slightly higher price, so we may see this with the U11 Plus as well. A 12MP camera will be on the rear similarly to the HTC U11, but the front facing camera will apparently be downgraded to 8MP – no word on UltraPixel support on either.

The U11 Life is a slightly more interesting prospect with Google’s recent re-launch of the Android One program. The handset is likely to be released in both HTC Sense and stock Android versions, though the stock Android version would have a faster update cycle for software.

Hardware wise, the U11 Life sounds like a decent handset with known HTC leaker @llabtoofer tweeting this earlier this month:

We’ll find out a lot more about what HTC has to offer on November 2nd.

What would you like to see from HTC?

Source: HTC.